Our Partners

We are grateful to our partners for all of their support:

YWCA of Rhode Island - Founder and School Sponsor 

YWCA Rhode Island is the founder and sponsor of Sheila “Skip” Nowell Leadership Academy, a public charter high school named after a former YWCA Northern Rhode Island Executive Director.

In 1984 under the leadership of Sheila Skip Nowell, an advocate for the rights of young women to continue their education during pregnancy or after the birth of a child, the YWCA created PIP (Parenting in Progress), a G.E.D./external high school diploma program with wrap around services.

Under the leadership of Deborah L. Perry, President/CEO of YWCA Rhode Island, Skip’s vision was expanded and approval was sought from the Rhode Island Department of Education to open a unique public charter high school that would contain a rigid but flexible curriculum combined with wrap around services targeted toward at risk youth and in particular pregnant and parenting youth.

The Sheila Skip Nowell Leadership Academy was granted approval to open in September 2013 and hired Jodi Timpani as Head of School to lead its day-to-day operations.  The school will ultimately serve 360 at-risk youth including parenting and pregnant teens and their babies. The school is the 1st charter school in Rhode Island to use a blended on-line curriculum and has the potential to serve as a national model.

YWCA Rhode Island continues to offer PIP, a collaborative program created by the YWCA 28 years ago for young mothers and their families which includes a comprehensive set of services including GED education, case management, childcare, transportation and access to social services.