Harassment, intimidation, bullying, teen dating violence and sexual violence are prohibited. [R.I.G.L. 16-21-26, 16-21-30] The prevention of bullying, teen dating violence, and sexual violence is part of a strategic plan [R.I.G.L. 16-7.1-2(e)], school safety plan [R.I.G.L. 16-21-24].

The purpose of this policy is to:

●                Raise school-wide awareness about bullying, teen dating violence and sexual violence;

●                Provide direction in responding to incidents; and

●                Prevent new incidents of bullying, dating violence, and sexual violence.


At school means in a classroom, on or immediately adjacent to school premises, on a school bus or other school-related vehicle, at an official school bus stop, or at any school-sponsored activity or event whether it is on school grounds or not.

Bullying occurs when a student intentionally assaults, batters, threatens (including threats if the victim "tells" on the perpetrator), harasses, stalks, menaces, intimidates, extorts, humiliates, or taunts another student. Bullying also occurs when a student or a group of students organize a campaign of shunning against another student or when a student or a group of students maliciously spread rumors about another student. Cyberbullying occurs when any of the above occur over the computer or other digital device and is included in this policy.

Dating violence is a pattern of behavior where one person uses threats of, or actually uses, physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse to control his or her dating partner.

Sexual assault includes behaviors that are attempted or perpetrated against a victim's will or when a victim cannot consent because of age, disability, harmful threats or promises, or the influence of drugs or alcohol. Sexual assault may involve actual or threatened physical force, use of weapons, coercion (using force or intimidation to gain compliance), intimidation, or pressure and may include:

●                Intentional touching of someone in ways that are unwanted

●                Voyeurism (observing sexual objects or acts)

●                Exposure to exhibitionism(undesired observation of sexual images or private body parts)

●                Undesired exposure to pornography

●                Public display of images or

●                Stalking behavior.  

The Nowell Leadership Academy expects all members of our community to report bullying. The victim of bullying (including cyberbullying), dating violence, or sexual violence; witnesses/bystanders to such actions; or anyone who has information that these actions have occurred may file a report. If a student is involved in an incident of bullying (either victim or offender), we will follow the appropriate protocol, supply the student with relevant information and resources, and involve the parents and/or police, if appropriate.


The school administration has developed procedures and guidelines for the investigation of a bullying, dating violence, or sexual violence report. If the allegation is found to be credible, appropriate disciplinary sanctions, subject to due process, shall be imposed. Whenever bullying, teen dating violence, or sexual violence involves conduct that violates criminal law, the police shall be notified.

Procedures & Guidelines for Reporting and Investigating

●                All reporters will complete the Complaint Form and submit it immediately to a school administrator or other trusted adult. Every effort will be made to maintain the anonymity of the reporter.

●                Reporters will be provided with both appropriate school-based and out-of-school services and resources.

●                An investigative protocol will be followed for each incident, informing the appropriate parties and taking disciplinary action.

●                If appropriate, a legal no-contact order and/or a school-based “stay away” agreement will be implemented. This may include changing a student’s schedule or vigilantly monitoring contact between students.


The Nowell Leadership Academy is committed to creating a school environment (which extends off-campus during school-sponsored events) that promotes timely and fair adjudication of bullying, teen dating violence, and sexual violence cases. Administrators shall establish guidelines to protect the rights and privacy of the alleged victim as well as the due process rights of the alleged perpetrator. This protocol provides specific guidelines for the treatment of both victim and alleged perpetrator.


The administration of The Nowell Leadership Academy shall ensure that students and staff are instructed on how to identify, prevent, and report bullying, teen dating violence, and sexual violence. The administration shall also ensure that the school health program and counseling services include the appropriate social skills training to help students avoid isolation and help them interact in a healthy manner.

All staff shall model correct and courteous behavior to each other, to students, parents and visitors. Abusive or humiliating language or demeanor shall not be accepted. The staff shall ensure that each student is known by a teacher/staff member that the student can turn to if abuse develops. This is accomplished through our comprehensive commitment to building a safe learning community.