NLA Faculty and Administration

Capital Campus

Kristin Re, English Teacher

Linda Iribarren, History Teacher

Kanagaratnam Sajeenthiran, Math Teacher

Catherine Marcotte, Science Teacher

Yomely Marte, Instructional Support Specialist

Anthony Carrion, Dean of Students

Donna Charlton, Special Educator

Kimberly Pineda, Student Support Specialist

Central Campus

Richard Canedo, English Teacher

Kathryn Jones, History Teacher

Erica Vespia, Interim Math Teacher

Dr. Rosemary Miner, Science Teacher

Rosa Ramirez, Instructional Support Specialist

Conor Sheehan, Dean of Students

Jillian Belanger, Reading Support Specialist

Johanny Toribio, Student Support Specialist


The Wrap-Around & School Support Teams:

Tricia Kelly, English Language (EL) Teacher

Paula Barbosa, Health Teacher

Judith Russell, School Nurse Teacher & Director of Wrap-around Supports

Melissa Slaiger, Family & Community Liaison and Teacher

Laura Harrell, Reading Specialist

[Currently Vacant], Social Worker

Kristy Levinson, College Advisor (in partnership with the College Advising Corps)

Drew Allsopp, Chief of Finance & Operations

Toby Shepherd, Executive Director

Jessica Waters, Principal